About Us

Le Pate A Choux cc “The Choux Pastry” was started in 1994 with Jonathan Kershaw as the innovative brain.

This was due to the demand for high quality, ready-made, 5-Star standard desserts and pastries. With Jonathan’s background in 5-Star Hotels and experience in the South African national team as Pastry Chef it was a good idea. At that time period there was a lack of qualified Pastry Chefs and Pastry Staff.

The Staff of Le Pate A Choux were all trained by Jonathan and have worked for Le Pate A Choux for 20 years.

Le Pate A Choux started with the Desserts for one International airline, and eventually catered for 26 International airlines.

During this time period the factory operated 24 hours a day running 3 shifts, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. This continued for 7 years.

  • In 2001, Le Pate A Choux changed it’s course and started catering to Hospitality Establishments, including 5-Star Hotels, Restaurants and Lodges, supplying exclusive desserts, cakes and pastries. During this time Jonathan started doing Wedding Cakes and Chocolate work and has had a number of famous clients.
  • In 2014, Le Pate A Choux looks forward to the future with new ideas and plans with it’s new business partners.
  • Le Pate A Choux is now in the process of opening it’s own Coffee Shop, Bakery, Chocolatier and Restaurant. A Flagship to it’s new franchise idea.
  • It is now looking forward to a bright new future and another 20 years.